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Bacon and Guacamole meets grilled cheese and births the best damn sandwich ever.

The idea of a guacamole grilled cheese sandwich has been knocking on my subconscious for a while now and since I was making the bacon guacamole this weekend I figured there was no better time than now. The premise behind this grilled bit of culinary heaven is quite simple and at first it started out with just adding guacamole to a grilled cheese but once I created the bacon/guac masterpiece I could not resist adding a few slices of bacon to the sandwich. I also had some leftover tortilla chips from dipping on the weekend so I decided to crumble a few of them and add them to the sandwich for texture. Don’t judge me for eating chips. They were the sweet potato chips from Way Better Snacks and they are completely guilt free as well as delicious.

Grilled cheese sandwiches in general are pretty easy to make though there are a few things to keep in mind for this one. Remember to pull the guacamole and the cheese out of the fridge early so that it can come up to room temperature before adding it to the sandwich. Having all of the ingredients of the sandwich at room temperature is going to ensure that the cheese melts evenly. There’s nothing better than oozing warm cheese stretching from your sandwich to your mouth. Yum! This grilled cheese sandwich can be a bit messy to eat but as I basically inhaled it that was not high on my list of concerns. Let’s face it, the best foods in life are the ones that make you lick your fingers afterwards. This sandwich is certainly one amazing way to enjoy any leftover guacamole and it is even worth making a fresh batch of guacamole just to make some grilled cheese!

Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese


  • 2 slices bacon

  • 2 slices sour dough bread

  • 1 tablespoon butter, room temperature

  • 1/2 cup jack and cheddar cheese, shredded (room temperature)

  • 2 tablespoons guacamole, room temperature

  • 1 tablespoon tortilla chips, crumbled (optional)


  1. Cook the bacon until crispy and set aside on paper towels to drain.

  2. Butter one side of each slice of bread, sprinkle half of the cheese onto the unbuttered side of one slice of bread followed by the guacamole, bacon, tortilla chips, the remaining cheese and finally top with the remaining slice of bread with the buttered side up.

  3. Grill over medium heat until golden brown and the cheese has melted, about 2-3 minutes per side.

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