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Anti-vaxxers and tin foil hats.

Ahh the hot button topic of vaccines and how they are basically responsible for the medical downfall of man kind. I am literally astounded (but never speechless) by the seemingly intelligent people that fall for this garbage. I'd blame Trump but this one is beyond even him.

To start us off, here are a few of the claims made by anti-vaxxers and the rebuttals to their buffoonery. Anti-vax claim: Vaccines contain dangerous toxic chemicals such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminium and sodium. Debunk: Here, anti-vaxxers do two things to cloud the science. Firstly, they ignore how basic chemistry works. While metals like mercury and aluminium can be dangerous in pure forms, in vaccines they are used in very small amounts as preservatives, similar to how they come in safe chemical forms commonly found in everyday life. Anti-vaxxers also ignore the fact that toxicity depends on dose. Formaldehyde can be toxic in large quantities, but it's safe in small quantities and is in many foods we consume: The body also makes 500 mg of formaldehyde a day for DNA synthesis. A vaccine contains only 0.1 mg of formaldehyde, far less than in fruit or the human body. A baby can break this amount down in just under 2 minutes. Anti-vax claim: Giving too many vaccines overwhelms a child’s immune system. Anti-vaxxers love to terrify soon to be parents with this one. Debunk: The number of immune challengesthat children fight every day (2,000 — 6,000) in the environment is significantly greater than the number of antigens or reactive particles in all their vaccinations combined, which is actually decreasing: Anti-vax claim: Vaccines cause autism because the cases of autism increased when the MMR shot was introduced. Debunk: Of course this misunderstanding has long been famously exposed .The tactic that anti-vaxxers used to spread fear was to share false data. But the data did not account for factors like rise in the state's population, changes in medical definitions and earlier diagnosis. A more thorough study in Japan where MMR was stopped and then later reintroduced, provides a clear picture that autism isn't linked to vaccination. Oh wait! It gets better!  There's this "documentary" out there right now that claims to be made up of information from "experts". Here is just a few of these so called experts. Mike Adams, Health Ranger – Mike fancies himself a sort of health lone ranger, but this is really a business model for which he has become quite successful. It has been documented that Mike’s original foray into the business of health blogging was based on what he felt would be the most financially lucrative area of the internet. It is no wonder he “has found a way to foster and monetize the most current fear gripping the cultural zeitgeist?”  He is considered a health scammer and has been under investigation by the FBI for his actions.

This guy is an ex personal trainer who is shunned by respectable people in the medical field. I find him an embarrassment to my chosen profession. Check out this article on him and his whole new level of cray cray. Seriously, what in the FUCK is a "health ranger"? Where's Tonto you dipshit?

Sherri Tenpenny, DO – Sherri is a practicing osteopath in Ohio, USA, who runs a store online for supplements and a website called The Vaccine Library where, for $ 100 a year , you can access her information on vaccines. She also runs a website called TruthKings, which publishes very dramatic stories related to science and vaccines, rarely providing evidence to support claims. She calls herself a vaccine researcher but she has, in fact, published no research.

But seriously, I don't think she has time to set up studies surrounding vaccinations... her schedule is rather full speaking to legions of antivaxxers where she can hawk her DVDs for $29.99 a pop and where she can sell a range of supplements for as much as $68 for a single bottle which can be found at health food stores for roughly a third of that cost. Quite a little racket she has going on here - and science would only serve to harm her image, so why bother? Judy Mikovitz, PhD – Judy is a disgraced scientist who chose to embrace pseudoscience rather than admit she made a mistake. She was a researcher looking into possible causes of chronic fatigue syndrome and claimed it was caused by a mouse recombinant virus called XMRV.  The reality is that the XMRV was found to be caused by lab contamination, but Judy could not face facts .   Brian Hooker, PhD – Brian is an associate professor of biology at Simpson university in California. He has a teenage son on the autism spectrum and has spent much of the last 20 years working on proving that MMR and mercury caused his son’s “vaccine injury.” He was heavily involved with Vaxxed in that it was his now-retracted study that is featured in the film. His claim of vaccine injury was recently denied with medical evidence proved him wrong.  Suzanne Humphries, MD – Suzanne is a former nephrologist. She has been widely criticized for her ahistorical take on vaccines. I have read her book, Dissolving Illusions, and I am familiar with her vitamin C protocol. Her recommendations for vitamin C are based on case studies from the 1930s. Andrew Wakefield, former MD – Andy has been involved in two notorious science scandals, both relating to his 2004 study.  Brian Deer’s profile of him is accurate, as is this explanation of the “whistleblower” manufactroversy. Of course,  I watched his film Vaxxed. I think he's nothing more than a charlatan. A dangerous one. Google him and I'm sure you'll agree.  Marco Ruggiero, MD – Marco is an Italian AIDS denialist  and practitioner of autism “cures.” In my world, this makes him pretty low on the respectability totem pole. Erin Elizabeth – Erin calls herself “the health nut” and is either currently or has overcome every chronic health condition you can think of, including being aborted as a fetus, mold toxicity, vaccine injury, and god knows what else. Read her story, on her blog. It’s astounding. She is Joe Mercola’s girlfriend and spends much of her time, lately, making a list of “holistic” doctors who have died in the past few years. She believes they are all murder victims. This chick seems like a whole new level of crazy. Her website is Pour some wine and hang on for a wild ride lol. The name health "nut" definitely applies.

So basically my take on this whole thing is these people need to STFU and go live in a commune somewhere with big walls so they can't get out and infect the rest of the world. And please, take Trump with you. He looooves big walls and fake news, you guys will get along splendidly. 

Oh, and I have an extra roll of tinfoil for you guys...

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