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Spicy Bloody Mary

If you're like me and you are allergic to shellfish that puts the kabosh on the enjoyment of Caesars completely. I don't mean "hives" kind of allergic, I mean "have you filled out a will" kind. And that's a shame because Caesars are a seriously delicious way to get a buzz on. Plus if you dress it up enough you can call it a vegetable... am I right?

Thanks to the eye closing, lung stopping level allergy I have had to make the switch to Bloody Marys. Don't get me wrong, they're nice but never quite lived up to the level of a good Caesar. Until now!

I picked up a bottle of PC brand Sriracha Bloody Mary mix. HOW did I not try this before? It's got some serious flavour and kick to it. Just mix it with a good vodka and some ice. I put on a lime salt rim instead of the standard celery salt because I love me some lime. But you do you. 


250ml sriracha Bloody Mary mix

1 1/2 oz vodka


celery salt or lime salt for rim

celery, spicy bean etc for dressing up


Rim the glass with your choice of salt if desired. 

Fill glass with ice.

Add mix and vodka, stir well.

Dress with your choice of vegetables. 


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