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Made in Canada?

In face of this trade war that shows no sign of slowing down I have started compiling a list of products made in Canada. Please understand that not every company on this list is 100% all Canadian ingredients ALL the time, BUT they are better than the alternatives out there in general.  

Food labels explained: 

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, a “Product of Canada” label means that all, or nearly all, of the food, processing and labour used to make the food is Canadian. These foods were:

1. grown or raised by Canadian farmers 2. prepared and packaged by Canadian food companies. Note that a food can still be labeled “Product of Canada” if it contains small amounts of imported food, such as spices, food additives, vitamins, and flavourings. Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients on a food label mean that: 

1. a Canadian company was involved in some of the preparation of the food and, 2. it contains some food grown by Canadian farmers, and some food that’s been imported. Made in Canada from imported ingredients on a food label means that: 

1. a Canadian company was involved in some of the preparation of the food; and 2. the contents of the food were imported.

 A Maple Leaf on the Label often is a decoration more than an origin stamp. Check the “Made in” status. Local: This recognizes “local” as food produced in the province or territory in which it is sold, or  food sold across provincial borders within 50 km of the originating province or territory  

Let’s go shopping!

Westholme Canadian Tea – Vancouver Island

Cherry juice from Dwarf Sour

Concentrated cherry juice from Cherry Lane in Niagara

Apple cider and Cranberry Juices  –by Terra Beata

Sake – Osake Fraser Valley Junmai – Renaissance

VQA Wines / Wines of Nova Scotia

Edamame Beans - MacKellar Farms/Ontario

Hemp hearts and hemp oil – Manitoba Harvest & Mettrum Originals in Ontario

Flax – milled or whole & flax oil — 99% of the flax sold in Canada is from our farms

Wild rice & wild rice flour – primarily from Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario

Quinoa both golden and black – Ontario (Katan Kitchens / Quinta Quinoa) Saskatchewan (Canadian Quinoa) and B.C (Fieldstone Organics)

Pingue’s prosciutto – Niagara

Canadian Pork – check the labeling as there’s a good deal of cheap American pork on our market.

Maple Leaf Canadian Craft™ -pretty much all their products!

Poultry & Eggs– Because chicken and turkey are ‘supply managed’ the chances are that most of it is Canadian. It must be labeled

Foie Gras – Quebec-produced – Rougie / Canard Goulu / Le Canardises

Kokanee salmon –B.C.

Hardy Boys candied salmon nuggets – from northern Vancouver Island

St Jean’s canned wild Pacific salmon from Nanaimo, B.C.

Newfoundland fresh cod

ANYTHING recommended by Oceanwise!

Oysters – Fanny Bay, Raspberry Point, Colville Bay, Bras d’Or, Kushi, Qualicum…and many others

Ice Cream – Look for the Dairy Farmers Quality Milk symbol

Carnation Milk

Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar Cheese from PEI

Goudas…Old Growler, an aged Gouda from Nova Scotia, Sylvan Star Gouda from Alberta and Glasgow Glen from P.E.I.

Gunn’s Hill cheeses

Farmhouse Natural Cheeses in the Fraser Valley of B.C

Apple Cider Vinegar – Reinhart’s unfiltered & unpasteurized

Filsinger’s Organic Cider Vinegar – Ayton, Ontario

Venturi-Schulze Balsamic, Vancouver Island make the only authentic balsamic in Canada

Spinnakers malt vinegar – Victoria, B.C.

Honey – 100% Canadian – watch the labeling some, particularly no name varieties are from off shore

Big Leaf maple syrup from B.C.

Granulated Sugar – Rogers/Lantic in Alberta

Canadian-made dry pastas – Catelli, Primo, Italipasta

Oak Manor Farms: Rye, Flours, Barley, Spelt, Corn, Cornmeal, Millet, Flax

Robin Hood and Five Roses Flours

Fleishmann’s Yeast – been made in Montreal for decades

Oats….Quaker( large flake / quick / steel cut ) Rogers and Oak Manor Farms

Salt- Windsor and Sifto

Canned tomatoes – Aylmer & Unico brands

Ketchup - Primo

Potato Chips - Lay’s, Old Dutch, Old Yorke

Our Fabulous Craft Beers:

Ontario Craft Brewers has over 70 members and growing!

British Columbia Craft Brewers Guild is an association of nearly 90 independent members who are 100% B.C. owned!

Quebec has had a dynamic brewing industry for decades.

Nova Scotia’s brewers have banded together to form the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia

i hope this helps you choose Canadian as we present a united front in this “war”.

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