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This is where I get to share my critically honest reviews of products, companies and sometimes people. I promise you will get an unbiased opinion. That may or may not be a good thing depending on the moment and who's reading it.

My favourite food tracking app.

August 09, 2016


After over 26 years in the fitness industry I have seen food tracking programs come and go. My Fitness Pal is by far my favourite. It has a huge data base and is very user friendly. It also connects directly to the Withings scale and even has a built in social platform so you can see what your friends are doing. Best part's FREE!

Deisel -New Zealand Whey

August 09, 2016

A great natural Protein Powder

Deisel -New Zealand Whey

These proteins were outstanding to say the least. I love that they are-

 Lactose free - Gluten Free - All Natural, Aspartame Free - Non GMO, No MSG - Sweetened with Stevia

I did not have one complaint about any of the flavors. Each one was rich and unique, without tasting fake or overpowering. Because they are all natural and sweetened with stevia, I wasn’t left with an upset stomach and bloating. 

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