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Iced Coffee Cubes

You don't really need a recipe for regular iced coffee cubes. I mean how hard is it to pour extra coffee into ice cube trays and freeze until solid. Then you just add them to your iced coffee the next morning for a stronger, better cup of joe. End of story...

Or is it?

Well hell no it is not! With this trick you canflavour  your ice any way you like, without spending a lot of dollars and without any attitude from your local "Sunbucks" barista. (See what I did there?)

Pick a flavour, any flavour. You want nonfat caramel macchiato cubes, extra caramel, mocha? No problem. 

Here are three favorite flavor variations to whisk into your coffee before pouring it into the ice cube trays: Caramel Macchiato: Heavy cream + caramel sauce. Vietnamese Coffee: Sweetened condensed milk. Mocha: Milk + chocolate milk mix. 

Or, you can purée some strawberries and mix in and freeze too. The options are endless. Open you minds and imaginations and start freezing people!

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